Burkhardt Engineering showcase

Burkhardt Engineering

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Burkhardt Engineering < Prev ProjectNext Project >Details Burkhardt Engineering is a professional company full of civil engineers, land surveyors, and site development consultants located in Germantown, Ohio. They help plan and develop mostly any real estate quest you can think of such as single and multi-family housing communities, hospital and medical facilities, schools and churches, auto dealerships, retail developments, restaurants, …

Azimuth Corporation showcase

Azimuth Corporation

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Azimuth Corporation < Prev ProjectNext Project >Details Azimuth Corporation is a military and government contractor headquartered in Dayton, Ohio and Washington D.C. They provide security support and business/technology services to government and commercial clients. I had the honor of developing out their website which was designed by Daniel Rizer. View Live SiteMy Role: Web Development Content Management Integration Responsive Web …

Dayton Arcade showcase

Dayton Arcade

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Dayton Arcade < Prev ProjectDetails The Dayton Arcade is an innovation center where various visitors and businesses coexist right in the heart of downtown Dayton. Various businesses are located within The Arcade fostering unique connections to develop the ideas, partnerships, and organizations that will enrich the Dayton community. I had the honor of developing out their website which was designed ...