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Hello, It’s Me! Veronica Easley

I'm Veronica, a web designer and developer based here in Dayton, Ohio. I help small business creatives and organizations get their voice/service out to the world in a simple, beautiful, organized, and unique way. I've been designing and developing websites for over 5 years now and during that time I’ve come up with a plan to help others reach their dream of obtaining their own space on this huge platform we call the web where they can show-off their creative and amazing ideas.

I started Veasley Design & Development because I know how pricey websites can be when you’re just starting out. I try to make the process of getting your business out there to the world as painless and affordable as possible. Whether youʼre a blogger, own a salon, a boutique, a photographer, an artist, or just want a personal space online to display any of your work, then let me help you make that big step possible. If you’re still not sure just try out my questionnaire to see if you’re ready to move forward and take the big step.

Now A Little Bit Of Fun Stuff About Me

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Confessed anime watcher, but only English dubbed versions (sorry, not sorry)

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Sweet red is my favorite... well... really anything sweet

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Funko Pops

Semi-crazy collector, because I take all of them out of the box ( again sorry, not sorry)

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Cat Mom

I have 2, one calm fat cat and one little mischievous wild cat

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Coffee lover - it runs through my veins!!

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I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters and I’m the youngest of them all

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Let Me Know If You Have Any Questions?

Well maybe I can answer them on the Faqs page. If not, then go ahead and send me a message.

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